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Taking a photograph of police officers in Miami landed photojournalist Carlos Miller in jail ,Imagine that, and we're not even in Russia (note photo above). Or driving down a highway in TN , taking a picture of a police officer with a Iphone , get pulled out of your car, in front of your kids , and dragged off to jail, spend thousands of dollars for attorney fees, for a charge that doesn't even exist ,then never even get recompensated for these fees or even a  formal apology from the county! This is self explanatory, on how the power hungry individuals that run these counties can manipulate the police departments and misuse their power and authority to violate your civil rights!
      What does this tell you about who's running these countys?
Why do cops get intimidated when their picture is taken?
What are they hiding , their misconduct?
Photography is not a crime, It's the first amendment right!
Stand up for your civil rights!!!
Fire stupid cops immediately !


                        TN. Sheriff Billy Long                                                                                  Antoine Owens , Police Officer in Memphis, TN
        Of Hamilton CO.,Tn Charged with 4 felonies                                                                            Sentenced 63 months in prison        
    Which carries 20 yrs. to life in prison.                                                                                      For civil rights violations ! 
               Arrested in 2008 by the F.B.I.                                                  Arrested by the F.B.I. & Convicted in '07
Report A Cop. Org
Report Reporter
 John Scott
Helping people know their rights!


This website was designed to provide and assist  anyone who has ever been intimidated, harassed, beaten, falsely arrested or a victim of racial profiling, or  stopped for no probable cause  by any law enforcement agency. We can help you and direct you to civil right attorneys, links to federal agencies ,  links to governmental agencies  and ways to report police brutality to the proper agencies in your state. Police officer's are not above the law , They can and will be held accountable and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, in a court of law. Police brutality is a nation wide epidemic - and it must be stopped. A police officer's job is to enforce the law and bring the aggressor to justice, but many times  uneducated  police officer's become the aggressor. The police are legally permitted to use force ,but when is too much force? Public trust in the legal system is under minded  when police brutality is allowed to continue and becomes a cycle in some areas, So why does it continue? The abuse of power  is a severe problem throughout police departments in the United States. You must stand up for your civil rights, and report police brutality, police harassment, intimidation , and  the abuse of power  and authority immediately to the proper agencies, that is the only way you can resolve this problem . This is a severe problem in small towns. When an individual government official, or other person acting under color of law, violates one's civil rights, such a violation may give rise to civil liability, under 42 U.S.C. § 1983. This statute allows a person to sue that individual -- and perhaps his government-employer in certain circumstances -- for money damages. Additionally, if successful on a civil rights claims, the law allows recovery of attorney's fees, under 42 U.S.C. § 1988. Misbehavior by a government official or agency may well also give rise to "negligence" type claims. Many states have "governmental immunities" acts, "sovereign immunities" acts, "tort claims" acts, and the like. These statutes often outline the nature and extent of permissible claims against the particular governmental entity at issue -- oftentimes, a government agrees to "waive" immunity in certain situations, thus allowing a private citizen to sue on non-civil rights claims as well. Sometimes the statute will impose a monetary cap on recovery, or prohibit punitive (i.e., "punishment") damages, or require specific notice to be given within a specified period of time in order to permit one to bring such a claim. It is imperative, in every situation that possibly involves police (or other governmental) liability, that you immediately consult with an attorney to determine the particular type of notice, if any, that must be given to the government. Frequently a failure to give such notice will bar absolutely any claims under the pertinent tort claims/sovereign immunity act.

        *Note videos of police brutality and how power and authority is abused by police officers.



 in Mountain City, TN by vindictive
J.C. Sheriff  Deputies, that dislike him,

for Unlawful Photography
, a charge that doesn't even exist, and his 12 year old daughter threatened to be jailed for continuing to take photos of  the cop in the middle of a federal highway in Mountain City ,TN.

Arrested for a charge that doesn't even exist !
Another  Clear Violation  of  his Civil Liberties !
                                 Photo of  Conover being arrested by Deputy Starling McCloud            How do you meet the dysfunctional Sheriff in this County?
One of Mountain City's many incompetent deputies!                                               Easy, Take a Photograph of Him

The clear implication is that the Sheriff's Department, well aware that photography is not illegal, and undertaking a campaign of harassment against Conover in retribution for having once been sued by Conover, arrested him out of spite, not because he had done anything illegal. This is merely the latest in a series of actions designed to intimidate Conover, his family, and his customers. Conover is not guilty of "disorderly conduct" because Conover did nothing wrong. The officer attempted an unlawful arrest of Conover. Unfortunately in today's society, despite the fact that the officer is guilty of a crime under Title 18 USC 242, depriving a citizen of his rights "under color of law", it's unlikely that anything will happen to officer McCloud, who will remain free to intimidate citizens and abuse his authority as he sees fit. Only a few percent of all violations of Title 18 USC 242 are ever prosecuted, nationally. For those interested in pressuring the Johnson County District Attorney to address this clear abuse of authority, Johnson County falls under Tennessee's 1st District.
                                                             The Tennessee District Attorneys General Conference . Link to know your rights                                   

Photo of : Scott Conover 
Property Owner Witnesses Johnson Co,TN Sheriff Deputies Brutalizing A Citizen; Deputies Retaliate Against Him   

Story written  by :  J.  O'Griffin - UK Anchor

Narrated by Scott Conover.

In the summer of 2003 my family and I  ( The Conover's ) moved from the Fla. Keys to the mountains of Johnson Co., TN , where we had briefly visited several times prior in the last four years. We thought it would be a great place to buy into.   Retiring after 20 years with a news station, and having a General Contractor and Structural engineer license, I saw many business opportunities for myself and to enhance the community. Shortly after we had settled in and built a beautiful bar, restaurant, and campground on a river besides hwy. 421 in Trade,TN , we applied for a beer license. With resistance from certain individuals within the county that think they own the county, we were denied 3 times when trying to obtain our beer license. Meeting all requirements and getting nowhere, we had seen what we were up against. We had to bring a attorney from Florida to our location to resolve the matter. 30 minutes after his arrival the county attorney Bill Cockett from the firm Smith & Cockett, located in Mountain City, TN issued our license. We began our business without any more trouble. A  short time after we opened , we witnessed the worse case of police brutality we’ve ever seen, in our parking lot at around 2 a.m. by Deputy Jodie Putnam from the Johnson County, TN Sheriff’s Department who  pulled over a man in our parking lot, and began beating him severely while he was handcuffed  .It bothered me all night   . When the sun came up, I drove to the sheriff’s department in my truck to report this to the sheriff. I explained to him what approximately six of us witnessed and the vicious brutality of it. He calmly stated “why do you want to get involved?” I told him that no one should subjected to this kind of inhumane torture  as the man was handcuffed, beaten viciously, and sprayed in the face with mace continuously. The man’s name was Nathan Venable. Shortly after we were contacted by his attorney, Jeffery Walker , who had requested affidavits from us, stating what we witnessed. Approximately two weeks later the sheriff and a detective came to our establishment asking us why we were getting involved. I felt like I was in a sequel of the movie "Race with the Devil" , as in the movie the tourist reported it to the sheriff , and the  sheriff  and his cronies attacked them . Right after this incident is when the Johnson County Sheriff Department began a  campaign of intimidation and harassment against us. Almost on a daily basis Deputy Richard Kyle Eller parked across the street and  started pulling over, intimidating, and arresting my family members our customers, and intimidating  our band members .  They arrested myself six times on different occasions, all charges being dismissed and dropped. Imagine getting arrested for taking a picture of a police officer.  Upon getting arrested for unlawful photography, a charge that doesn’t even exist, Sheriff Mike Reece came to our establishment and spoke to my attorney and me.  He stated that we did not need to go to court, that he was sorry for his incompetent deputy's negligence of the law , and that this was over.I then stated I wanted to file a formal complaint against Deputy Starling McCloud or have him fired. He said he would look into this , apparently nothing was ever done. Approximately a month later we received a summons to go to court for this charge that was supposed to be dropped immediately. Obviously this was just another lie from Sheriff Mike Reece and just another part of his campaign of intimidation and harassment against my family and I. The bottom line is the handful of power hungry individuals that control the expansion and economic growth of the community , they do not like outsiders even after investing over a million dollars to try to enhance the community, bringing tourism, economic development, employment, plus a great place to eat and enjoy yourself to this rural area.  Recently putting us out of business due to their campaign of intimidation and harassment ,  they now have  25 more unemployed people , nowhere to enjoy yourself or eat , and fewer tourists than there were before  . Soon Mountain City / Johnson County will be a ghost town with nowhere to work , nothing to do , nowhere to enjoy yourself . The real people that are suffering in this county are the citizens , from the dysfunctional administration and Sheriff's Department that's in place.  Recently returning back to Florida for the safety of my family and still in court with the dysfunctional sheriff’s department ,and being sued by county attorney's office for their monetary gain ,  as they both have continued their vindictive malice acts upon us. I strongly advise if you have any plans to vacation or move to Johnson County, TN do your homework first because your eyes can deceive you. Speaking to many other people, they too were intimidated by the power hungry individuals who run the town that manipulate the sheriff’s department to intimidate, harass, and arrest those unwanted in their town at their leisure.  Recently in September 2009 returning to Mountain City to go to court , my daughter and I stopped by to check one of our family's investment  as we noticed the building had been burglarized . Calling the J.C. ,TN Sheriff's department to report the burglary , Sgt. Hieronymus  Cole arrived . While showing  her the damaged  locks on the door , she walked around back and then returned to the front of the building stating that she had just received a phone call from Sheriff Mike Reece , and He stated that we must leave the property immediately or we will be jailed. We asked her to please clarify it , that there must be a mistake. She then stated there was nothing to clarify.Not wanting to be arrested by these vindictive  cops again we left our property. As she wouldn't even file a police report for us about the burglary . This was all caught on video .The abuse of power and authority within this county's sheriff's department  is extremely blatant .  Now we were being denied access to our family's property !  Your not allowed to inspect your property,your not allowed to take a picture of a police officer , your not allowed to have an opinion ,your not allowed to ask any questions,  and if you violate any of these "rules" , you will be dragged off and incarcerated on fictitious charges. Absolutely no one should be subjected to this kind of intimidation , harassment  and abuse of power at all . Recently we have filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice . Beware , Mike Reece is still the sheriff in Johnson County,TN and his incompetent cronies are still intimidating the citizens of Johnson County, TN as they see fit with no repercussions whatsoever. And I am still waiting for the copy of the formal complaint that we asked Sheriff Mike Reece to have filed against Deputy Starling McCloud for  his vindictive malice act against me.

Fighting a sheriff's department is almost impossible,but don't give up.
There is light at the end of the tunnel. Justice will prevail and these  cops will end up on
the other side of the bars for the civil liberty and civil right violations they have committed.




Reported by: J.R. Polaski , Investigator Reporter

In the video above, you will see Brennan Hamilton. While waiting for a train to pass, he accidentally leaned against Officer Jeff Overcash's police car, who is employed  by the Fort Lauderdale Police Department. The officer approached Hamilton, grabbing him by his arm, and stated for him to 'Get your ass off the car.' The officer then proceeded to intimidate Hamilton by asking him 'Really tough guy, you got something to say to me?' Hamilton then walked back to his car and called the Fort Lauderdale Police Department and requested a LT. or watch commander to come to the scene. They replied that no one was on duty, out of 3,500 officers in the department. Hamilton then went back to the patrol car and asked the officer his name and badge number, so he could report the officer's actions and file a formal complaint against him. Immediately,the cop arrested Hamilton and took him to jail, filing false charges against him. The Internal Affairs department would have to be completely blind, if they cannot see the clear abuse of power and authority Officer Overcash demonstrated. It's blatantly clear in the video. Officers that think that they are above the law and are free to intimidate citizens as they see fit, need to be terminated immediately without any hesitation shown whatsoever. Let us remind Jeff Overcash that he is employed by the city of Fort Lauderdale, FL and he is being paid by the taxpayers of the city, and he is a public servant of the city. He is not above the law, he is only there to enforce the law and he can and will be held responsible for any and all of his actions. 

If I was Mr. Hamilton, I would file a civil lawsuit in the United States Federal Court under the color of law against, the Fort Lauderdale, FL Police Department, holding them fully responsible for the dysfunctional actions of their officer, Jeff Overcash. When they're finished paying out for the representation of a Federal lawyer, they will positively terminate this moron.

Officer Jeff Overcash will now be inducted into the " National Officer Hall Of Shame For Asshole Idiots Cops."



Whistle Blowing Cop Gets FIRED!
Crowley County, Colorado Sheriff's Department
Story by : Samantha Conover

Crowley County , Colorado Deputy William Ferritto witnessed many things while employed by the Crowley County Sheriff's Department.  Ferritto stated, " While employed , I seen a lot of misconduct and abuse of authority  by cops  , taking place daily. I witnessed other cops fabricating evidence , confiscating drugs which never made it to the evidence lockers and never turned up  , unlawful searches , and even cops with- holding evidence . In  all my years ,I have never seen nothing like this , It made me extremely sick. The corruption within the department was intolerable   " Even citizens of Crowley County are tired of the corruption within the sheriff's department , for they  all feel they have been victimized . Ferritto stated , " After reporting this to the Sheriff Miles Clark , It was like he had no interest in what I had to say. Mocking me and making a fool out of me .  I then reported it to the Undersheriff Steve Becker , again it was like talking to nobody. I knew then I had to let people see what was going on here . Even though it would cost me my job.  "  Once Ferritto exposed the corruption within the department , He was fired . Now being on the other side of the  men in blue , he could now experience what every tax paying citizen has to tolerate dealing with the corruption within a police department .  Ferritto stated , " My family has been paying the price ever since I blew the whistle on these cops , We have endured intimidation , harassment , and they tried to charge me with fictitious charges that had no merit . Contacting the  county D.A.'s office was a complete  joke, They all seemed to be working together, covering each others asses. "  After several phone calls to Sheriff Miles Clark , we finally got through . Asking him for his side of the story , I identified myself working for as a  Investigative Reporter , He then refused to answer any questions , and said he didn't know who he was talking too, and had nothing to say. Ferrito now unemployed , and now being blackballed, harassed, and intimidated  by the same cops in the same county that he once was sworn into , to protect and serve.  Mr. Ferritto has recently filed a complaint with the United States Department of Justice ,  reporting the abuse of authority  and the corruption that was going on within the sheriff's department that fired him . Today,  speaking to a clerk at a local convenient store in the county she stated "  The problem was real  ."
  ***Editor's Note*** - Deputy Ferritto now has experienced how dirty cops  treat the average citizen , I give Ferritto a lot of credit for standing up to these dirty cops, and reporting them .   Anyone with this kind of heart and determination will win . Justice will prevail , and Ferritto should run for sheriff in Crowley County  .

The Johnson County, TN
Lying Sheriff Mike Reece
doesn't put his buddies behind bars.

  Jerry Grindstaff, Who is a County Commissioner
  attacks  his Brother
and Never Goes To Jail because he knows corrupt officials in  the right places, who abuse their power and authority.             
Story by: Jack Black      
Johnson County, Tn  County Commissioner Jerry Grindstaff  was charged with aggravated assault, domestic violence, and theft but somehow he never has to be booked in jail or post a bond. These three charges can carry 20+  years in prison.  Why hasn’t  he been booked or  behind bars where he belongs, Any other citizen would have been .After a little investigation we found out why Jerry Grindstaff, didn’t have to post a bond or be behind bars for these serious charges, He simply got a summons to appear in court, like you would get for a speeding violation. How did he do this? He knew Sheriff Mike Reece  Personally. This is called abusing your  authority .  We have made several  phone calls to the sheriff’s department , Inquiring about Mr. Grindstaff ,and none of the calls were returned.  Sheriff Mike Reece needs to be held accountable for  all of his actions. If you or I had these kind of serious charges , We’d have to place a substantial bond to get out of jail . Mr. Grindstaff’s family knew him well enough to get a order of protection against him. Fearing for their lives. So what has the police department done for them? Absolutely nothing . There’s something wrong with this picture. The family needs to file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice immediately and report this miscarriage of justice.

Story by: John Scott
Pulaski, TN Cop arrests Black Female Doctor and takes her to jail ,
  While she was in route to a medical emergency to deliver a baby.
Were these cops prejudice? Racist? Or just plain incompetent?
Dr. Terry Wynn OBGYN was stopped and then arrested for going 16 m.p.h. over the speed limit,
even AFTER she explained to the cop it was medical emergency.
This "cop" continued to follow her to the hospital, were he arrested her.
Please tell me why? Was his feelings hurt? Did she use too many big words for him??
  How could he not believe she was a doctor, when she told him repeatedly???
This incompetent deputy needs to be fired immediately and his chief needs to take a
good look around and clean up his department; and not let this happen to anyone else.


    Police SGT. Convicted of Domestic   Battery - Resigns

          Story by : Samantha Conover
               Police Sgt. Wade Merritt was convicted of domestic battery of wife , after a beating that  took place on March  4. His wife had called 911 , screaming to the dispatcher for help and saying he had beat her before .   At the trial Merritt was convicted , and has now resigned from the police department. 
 Another corrupt cop off the street!

     Georgia  Sheriff Deputy Derrick Yancey  Charged with Murder

              GA Deputy  Derrick Yancey - Wanted for 2 counts of murder

Story By : Samantha Conover
Derrick Yancey - A Dekalb CO. Sheriff Deputy killed his 44 year old wife and Co- Worker , He first told police that he shot the co-worker because he had robbed his house and shot his wife, But his story fell apart and he is now at large . See video of Derrick Yancey fleeing on a bus. He is now wanted on two counts of first degree murder.


Fire Official Busted

For Molesting Lobster Traps !

Story By: John Scott
These two fine looking fellows , Father and Son ,found out the hard way it doesn't pay to molest traps as they were chased down and caught by the FWC in the Florida Keys !
 With  little investigation we found out that this is not Mr. Cavagnaro's a.k.a. "Fireman Mike"  first run in with the FWC , In '04 he had a prior run in with the FWC . " Fireman Mike" Michael  Cavagnaro, 57, was taken into custody around noon along with his son, Michael Cavagnaro Jr., 32, by officers with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission."I don't know what I'm being charged with, to be honest with you," the elder Cavagnaro said shortly before he was handcuffed and taken to the Monroe County jail for booking, What planet is this guy on ? He was caught molesting traps , and he doesn't know what he was going to be charged with ? Don't tell me this guy is really a county fire official  .Cavagnaro, a retired Palm Beach County fireman, holds a commercial lobster fishing license , but obviously he doesn't know the law or maybe he's just color blind.Two Upper Keys seasoned commercial fishermen, Ernie Piton and Scott Vaeth  , reported to the FWC that they saw the two men aboard Cavagnaro's boat pull a trap belonging to another fishermen out in the Atlantic Ocean.Piton said local fishermen were watching the Cavagnaro boat after it reportedly brought unusually large amounts of lobster to a local fish house in recent days."This has been a bad year for trap-robbing," Piton said. "Everybody has been keeping an eye out." Talking to a local fisherman  Wayne Tuckus , stated "I thought something "FISHY" was going on with this guys' operation anyhow. This guy caught more lobsters with hardly any traps , Either he knew a trick that none of us knew  or this was going on  for awhile. I feel bad for the guy but he shouldn't have been pulling other fishermen  traps . It's hard enough now to make ends meet with this economy, and to have your catch taken by someone else will not be tolerated here. This guy got what he had coming to him "  


 Mountain City, TN Attorney Jason Creech
 trying to shut down news website .

Written by : Investigative Reporter  Kevin  Donlen

   Jason Creech who is an attorney employed by the firm Smith & Cockett  located in Mountain City,TN  , is going to court to try to shut down a website , called  . This website  features descriptive articles on breaking news and the latest headlines . Attorney Creech has filed a lawsuit against a Florida man , in which Attorney Creech claims was posted by Scott Conover for the  further purpose of libeling and harming his client's reputation as stated in his complaint. Attorney  Creech claiming that Scott Conover had posted a story about a stalker on the internet on who was stalking his family ,  in which was harming his clients reputation. The problem is Conover did not own the website. Obviously Jason Creech has never heard of the first amendment .  The First Amendment of the United States Constitution protects the right to freedom of religion and freedom of expression from government interference. See U.S. Const. amend. I. Freedom of expression consists of the rights to freedom of speech, press, assembly and to petition the government for a redress of grievances, and the implied rights of association and belief. The Supreme Court interprets the extent of the protection afforded to these rights. Attorney  Creech should be made aware that all the information within the story is public record and can be accessed by anyone. Including the copy of the restraining order that Conover had placed against the alleged stalker . Does Attorney Creech really think that he can  dictate what can be on the world wide web or what is to be published or what is not to be ? What pisses me off the most is attorney Creech  stating that his clients reputation is at stake , How about the reputation of  the small child and woman that this alleged stalker had allegedly victimized?  I am tired of attorneys like this  , That have absolute no remorse or compassion for the real victims in these cases. Reading a copy of the restraining order that was filed in the courthouse in Mountain City,TN , and following the different stories  about Conover for the last year , We have seen it gain more and more publicity over the past 10 months . Counting a total of 200,000 websites , each having over 185,000 views . They state their opinions also , Will he be going to court to have these shut down too? Where is our right to freedom of speech ? If Attorney Jason Creech doesn't share the same opinion as someone else , is he going to have their website shut down also? Who the hell does this attorney think he is ? Obviously ,if he was any kind of an attorney he wouldn't be practicing law in the foothills of Mountain City,TN .  Reading back on it ,  this is the same little town where Scott Conover  had taken a picture of a cop on a federal hwy with a iPhone and was arrested and charged with "unlawful photography" and several other charges all being cleared, there was a media storm over it too. It sure looks like they have a vendetta for Scott Conover. If the sites not his , Conover has a good case against the attorney for malicious prosecution, if this is a fact.

Update to Trial  -
After going to court in Mountain City,TN, the judge simply enlightened
Attorney Jason Creech on the First Amendment of The United States and denied his motion.
He certainly needs to get his facts right, if he doesn't want to get sued or have a bar complaint filed against him, before he files a lawsuit against someone who doesn't even own the website.


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